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We're working to transform the music industry for the better.

We believe business can be a force for good, put people and planet before profit, and strive to create positive change. We're one of the few B Corp music companies in the world, a certification which means we're held to the highest environmental and worker welfare standards. Equality, inclusion and wellbeing sit at the heart of everything we do. 


Our approach is defined by a people-first philosophy with relationships built on a culture of mutual trust and respect. Our partners and artists become part of our community, with many based on the canal in Haggerston, East London – at our Bankstock offices or our studios and co-working space The Halley.

Sarah Cole

Chief Operating Officer

Kate Osler

Commercial Director

Luke Hood

Head of Music

Founder, UKF

Johnny Evans

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Wilson

Head of Product

Peter Meeuwsen

General Manager Recordings

Mark Austin

Royalties Manager

Maja Cicic

Brand & Content Manager

Kolapo Obanewa

Back End Engineer

Distribution and Rights Coordinator

Frazer Richardson

Licensing and Publishing Manager

Sampo Kaskia

Brand Manager, UKF

Hope Nolan

Project Manager

George Horn

Head of People & Culture  

Rupert Plumb

Senior Project Manager

Tatiana Belaia

Front End Engineer

James Busby


Toby Howieson

Head of Music Operations

Olivia Williams

Product Manager

Craig Haynes

Insights Analyst

Adam Savage

Sync Manager

Lau Belore

Product Designer

Content Manager

Guy Tooke

Technical Lead

Jim Daoud

Licensing & Publishing Coordinator

Bambo Ojo

Marketing Assistant

Music Product Manager 

Charlie Hammond

Content Creator 

Kamila Bookless

Brand Assistant, UKF

Charles Strowbridge

Royalties Manager

Joseph Dowdle

Content Creator 

Hattie Wynter

Marketing Manager, The Halley

Paolo Silvestro

Workspace and Community Manager, The Halley

Callum Wright

Partnerships & Project Manager, The Halley

Diluk Dias


James Cotterill





Culture means everything at AEI, and our core values are central to how we work together and recruit new talent. We actively look for people who not only align with our outlook, but can also help us develop further. 

1. We are rebels with a cause
Doing things differently is our DNA. Not because we are especially contrarian, but because we believe that real industry change can only occur by adopting different ways of thinking – and in many cases approaching things with a beginner’s mind. 

2. We seek actions over words
We are intensely action-oriented. All progress comes from taking that first step. 

3. We “love what we do” for a living
We spend so much of our lives working. It's why we not only enjoy our work, but bring the best version of ourselves to work every day.

4. We’re in it for the long haul
25 years as an independent company has taught us patience. We’re equally excited about the next 25 years and will never sacrifice long-term value for short-term gain.

5. We play the guide, not the hero.
We are humble and modest in our outlook. Success comes through service to others.

6. Positive impact, locally & globally
As a certified B Corporation, we try to ensure that our efforts are having a positive impact in our local communities, as well as on a global level. 

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